Atelier 11

By xabi • Non classé • 3 Oct 2013

Atelier 11 is before anything else a gang of friends, an old crew gathered around one passion: off-road trips and wide spaces. A freedom quest that took us beyond mountains, deserts and oceans.

Motorcycle adventures made us love those simple, basic and heavy duty bikes like XT500, R100GS, XR’s that braved the thoughest road conditions worldwide.

As years were passing by, we got more and more interest in other type of bikes, with no taboo as long as it is vintage and elegant.
Restoring old bikes is not enough. We need to create, customize, beautify, sublimate so that our bikes look like no other.

The bikes of Atelier 11 are our own bikes, and we all love riding them. A love story we’d like to share with you.

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