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By xabi • The Atelier • 4 Oct 2013


Surfing is really cool. But being able to wander along your surf spots on your vintage bike with your surboard is even cooler.

If you have a shortboard, you have two possibilities: you can take your board over the shoulder or buy a surf rack on the market. Those ones work quite well.

With a longboard, it’s very different. Taking it over the shoulder would be suicide. The surf racks you can find on the market usually do not offer enough stability because of their V-shape.

The best solution would be to install one surf rack arm at the front and one at the rear of the bike. And if you ride a BMW boxer like me, the position of the cylinder offers no other solution than making your own custom surf rack.

For better resistance, my racks will be made of carbon fiber and epoxy resin. To support them, I am attaching two round pieces of titanium on the bike, one at the front, one at the rear.


The carbon rack is made in two parts. First part in L-shape will be plugged to the titanium round part and blocked in the position with a safety-pin. The second one, in U-shape, will support the surfboard. Both parts will be stuck together with epoxy resin.

For the L-shape carbon part, I am using a bent PVC plumbing pipe. Then, it is covered with two layers of carbon sock and epoxy resin.



For the U-shape part, I am using an homemade plexiglass mold. It is covered with 8 layers of carbon straps and one layer of carbon fiber fabric for finishing.


When both parts have almost hardened, I stick them together with epoxy and one final layer of carbon fiber fabric.


Once dry and hardened, just cut the final shape with a grinder.


Add some foam and straps. You’ve got your DIY surf rack.





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